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Stone Axe.png
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Stone Axe

Main article: Rock

Stone Axes in order of increasing durability: Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous Intrusive, Igneous Extrusive. Stone axes can be crafted with either a stick or a bone as the handle.

Knapping out the Axe Head. Finishing the Axe.
title= terraRock 01 title= title= title= Stone Axe Head
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Stone Axe Head Stone Axe
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Metal Axe

Metal Axes can only be made from tool metals. They can be cast in ceramic molds, or worked on a metal anvil.


Main article: Casting

Bismuth Bronze, Black Bronze, Bronze, and Copper Axes can be cast using a Vessel or a Ceramic Mold instead of working on an anvil.

Ceramic Mold
Making the Clay Tool Mold Firing the Mold
CFL CFD CFL CFL CFL title= Clay Mold Axe
Pit Kiln Pit Kiln Ceramic Mold Axe
Pit Kiln
Clay Mold Axe

Place an empty or partially filled Axe mold into the slot to fill it with metal from the vessel. It takes 100 units of metal to completely fill an empty Ceramic Mold. The text in the vessel's GUI will be updated to show the amount of metal remaining in the vessel.

100 Units
Ceramic Mold Axe

Unshaped Ingot

To fill the Axe mold from a ceramic ingot mold, right click the liquid unshaped ingot to open the casting interface:

Unshaped Copper Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ceramic Mold Axe

Put the ceramic Axe mold in the second input slot and wait for the filled mold to finished.

Removing the Head from the Mold Finishing the Axe
Axe Head (Copper)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Ceramic Mold Axe (Copper)
Axe Head (Copper) Copper Axe
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Main article: Working

Axe Heads can also be crafted by using ingots on an anvil with a hammer. This is the only option for higher tier metals that cannot be cast. The durability depends both on the metal used and the skill of the smith forging the tool.

Smithing the Axe Head
Working Rules
Grid Anvil Punch.png Grid Anvil Hit Light.png Grid Anvil Hit Medium.png Grid Anvil Hit Heavy.png Grid Anvil Upset.png
Punch, Last Hit, Second From Last Upset, Third From Last
Grid Anvil Rules Blank.png
Steel Ingot
Grid Anvil Weld.png Grid Anvil Red Rules.png Grid Anvil Green Rules.png
Stone Hammer Grid layout None i (verylong).png
Finishing the Axe
Axe Head (Steel) Steel Axe
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Axes are used to chop down trees, and acquire fruit tree saplings. Stone axes are much slower than their metal counterparts, and are less efficient in their yield of logs when chopping down a tree, with stone axes only having about a 90% chance of dropping a log item for each log block.

While the axe is not technically a weapon, it can be used to deal slashing damage at the cost of using twice the durability per hit.


Option Default
enableVanillaRecipes false
If true then the vanilla Minecraft recipes for creating wooden axes are enabled. In addition, a recipe is added for converting TFCraft stone axes to the vanilla version.
Stone Axe Stone Axe (MC)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Grid Stone Axe Head.png
Paleolithic! Knap a stone tool to enter the Stone Age Definitely a rock
Grid Axe Head (Copper).png
Chalcolithic! Cast something in metal to enter the Copper Age No stone unturned Fill a tool mold in a ceramic vessel filled with liquid metal.


v1dSupports require an axe to be crafted.
v1jStone axes can be crafted with a bone instead of a stick.
v2 Build 27Added fruit trees which require an axe to harvest saplings.
v2 Buid 47Axes give 4 planks from a single log.
v2 Build 51Axes give 3 planks from a single log.
Removed crafting of supports using an axe.
Build 70Using a stone axe to chop trees results in a 10% chance for a block to not yield a log.
Attempting to chop down a tree with an axe that doesn’t have enough durability left for each and every block in the tree will cause only part of the tree to be chopped down.
77.0Removed crafting of planks using an axe.

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