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Grid Steel Axe.png


Yes, 4






2061:0 - 2061:15


Barrels are crafted with 7 lumber of the same wood type. Barrels can be crafted from every different type of wood, but this has no effect on the barrel other than aesthetically.

Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Barrel (Oak)
Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak)
Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak) Lumber (Oak)


  • Liquid Gauge - Displays how much liquid is currently contained within the barrel.
  • Type Label - Displays what is currently contained within the barrel.
  • In/Out Button - Determines if the barrel can have liquids put in it, or taken out of it.
  • Processing Slot - Input slot for buckets and items to be processed, and the output slot for finished products.
  • Seal Button - Seals the barrel for processing. If the seal was successful, the player won't be able to open the interface again for at least 12 in-game hours when the processing is completed.
  • Empty Button - Deletes all liquid from the barrel.

Barrels are filled with buckets by either placing the full bucket inside the barrel, or by sneaking(Default:⇧ Shift) and right-clicking on the barrel with full bucket in hand. When a barrel is broken, it will retain its contents, allowing the player to fill it in one location before moving it to another. This is especially helpful for filling the barrels near a water source, as well as for quick deployment of powder kegs in a trap.

Fresh Water

Fresh Water barrels are used as a starting point for tannin and alcohols, as storage for drinking water, to quickly cool down heated items, to create jute fibers, and to turn scraped hides into prepared hides. Eight buckets will fill a single barrel. A full fresh water barrel will fill 16 Ceramic Jugs, or 28 Glass Bottles; or can process 14 jute, 16 small scraped hides, 9 medium scraped hides, or 7 large scraped hides.

Input Output
Barrel Volume.png Jute
Barrel Volume.png Jute Fiber
Input Output
Barrel Volume.png Hide (Scraped)
Barrel Volume.png Hide (Prepared)

Lime Water

Lime Water Barrels are used to turn raw hides into soaked hides. Eight buckets will fill a single barrel. A full lime water barrel can process 16 small raw hides, 9 medium raw hides, or 7 large raw hides.

Lime Water
Flux Wooden Bucket (Lime Water)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Wooden Bucket (Fresh Water)
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Input Output
Barrel Volume.png Hide (Raw)
Barrel Volume.png Hide (Soaked)


Tannin is an organic chemical contained in certain woods. All trees can be used to produce tannin for balance reasons, although to be realistic, only oak and chestnut would be suitable woods. Tannin does not exist as an item, only as a type of liquid that can be contained and produced in a barrel. Tannin is used to tan prepared hides into leather. A full barrel of tannin can process 16 small prepared hides, 9 medium prepared hides, or 7 large prepared hides, producing 16 leather for small, 9-18 for medium, and 14-21 for large.

To fill a barrel with tannin, place a single log into a barrel of water, then click seal and wait 12 in-game hours for it to finish processing. The amount of liquid in the barrel will remain the same. After all of the liquid in a tannin barrel has been used, you must click the "Empty" button before being able to refill the barrel with more water to make more tannin.

Input Output
Barrel Volume.png Log (Oak)
Barrel Volume.png
Barrel of Fresh Water Barrel of Tannin
Input Output
Barrel Volume.png Hide (Prepared)
Barrel Volume.png Leather (TFC)

Powder Keg

Powder Kegs create an explosion with a blast radius of 64 blocks. However, due to the high resistance of TFC blocks, the majority of the damage will be dealt within an approx. 10 block radius. The keg must be completely full, and is lit with a redstone signal. Note: Powder kegs do not have to be sealed. Right-click to diffuse a lit keg before it explodes. Four stacks of 64 Gunpowder will fill a single barrel.

Saltpeter Powder Sulfur Powder Gunpowder2
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Grid layout Shapeless.png
Barrel Volume.png Gunpowder256


Put one item of a specific crop in a fresh water barrel, and then click seal and wait 12 in-game hours for it to finish processing. There are currently 7 different alcohols that can be made. Try experimenting with different crops to make them all!

Important: As of 0.78.4, all alcohol except rum is disabled pending a barrel rewrite. This is necessary as the barrel did not take into account the new food system.

Grid Beer.png Beer Grid Cider.png Cider Grid Rum.png Rum Grid RyeWhiskey.png Rye Whiskey Grid Sake.png Sake Grid Vodka.png Vodka Grid Whiskey.png Whiskey


Vinegar is made by resealing an alcohol barrel and waiting 12 in-game hours for it to finish processing. You can take the resulting vinegar out of the barrel by placing an empty Bucket inside.

Input Output
Barrel Volume.png
Barrel Volume.png
Barrel of Alcohol Barrel of Vinegar

Milk/Curdled Milk

Leave at least one bucket's worth of space in a milk barrel to add vinegar to create curdled milk. A single bucket of milk and vinegar will result in a 40 oz block of cheese, with each additional bucket of milk adding another 20 oz. This means that a full barrel of curdled milk made from 7 milk buckets and a single vinegar bucket will produce a single, max size, 160 oz block of cheese. Remove the empty bucket when you are finished filling the barrel, then click seal and wait 12 in-game hours for it to finish processing.

Input Before Sealing Output
Barrel Volume.png Wooden Bucket (Vinegar)
Barrel Volume.png
Barrel Volume.png Cheese
Barrel of Milk Barrel of Curdled Milk


Build 76Added barrels.
Build 76 Hotfix 8Added placing a hot ingot in a barrel full of water to cool it down.
77.0Added ability to shift click the contents of a bucket directly into a barrel.
Added the ability to blow up barrels of gunpowder.
77.12Added filling water bottles from barrels.
Added Vinegar and Cheese.
78.0Barrels retain inventory when broken.
Added a toggle button for filling and emptying barrels.
Added Jute.
78.4Most alcohol is now disabled pending a barrel rewrite. This is necessary as the barrel did not take into account the new food system.


  • Shift clicking a bucket of vinegar into a milk barrel without opening the UI increases the liquid level, but doesn't properly turn the contents to curdled milk.


  • Dunk originally wished for powder kegs to be lit with a gunpowder trail rather than a redstone signal. However, due to their common use in SMP traps, this feature would have been impractical.
  • When consuming alcohol, the player will eventually experience side-effects including slurred speech in chat, and random potion effects. If the player drinks too much alcohol, they will die.


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